I believe my fresh perspective and out-of-the-box thinking will provoke creativity by focusing on:

Preparing all students for success in an ever-changing world by equipping them with the skills to adapt in whichever path(s) they choose (workforce, post-secondary education, and/or life skills).

Providing every learner an opportunity to thrive—rather than just survive—their educational experience.

Prioritizing community planning and engaging in problem solving opportunities of financial and long-term planning challenges, especially regarding plans for property development for schools by presenting and petitioning governments at multiple levels for support to solve immediate and future demands of our rapidly growing communities across Langley Township

Presenting your concerns—those of teachers, staff, students and families—by encouraging ongoing and active dialogue in a constituent and clear manner.

Practicing integrity on the school board by acting with transparency, integrity, honesty and effective communication to all stakeholders and passionately contributing to prudent decision-making and progress in key areas of concern and growth for the varied demands on our communities and schools.